Having injured my hip many years ago through a fall, it had always been a problem which was put to the back of my mind – years of compensating meant I continued to ignore the issue instead of looking to do anything about it.

Joining the gym in May 2012, I initially joined as a stop gap in between University and Teacher Training to try and get in shape for a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ holiday which loomed at the end of the summer holidays. I ambled along at my own pace until I met Andrew and he began to give me some advice on how to maximise my sessions. It was when I mentioned my hip trouble that, for the first time, I could really address the underlying issues.

Andrew spent exceptional amounts time and patience in working with me to try and identify the problem. We spent hours, both through trial and error and Andrew’s commitment to research outside of gym hours, to pin down the underlying issues. It was only through his hard work that after years, we were able to finally shed light on the historically troublesome hip issue and begin to develop a programme which allowed me to rebuild my strength and mobility.

Starting with a gradual programme which encouraged mobility and strengthening around problematic areas, we were able to increase the intensity of my programme week by week as my hips became stronger; it was fantastic realising the results week by week which gave me real confidence and motivation to continue.

Andrew was of incredible support along the way, explaining the purpose of each of the exercises, ensuring my technique gained maximum results. It wasn’t all plain sailing – Despite the many ‘highs’ and fantastic sessions, Andrew experienced resistance on my behalf on many occasions; however through his determination and encouragement we were able to continue successfully with the programme.

Not only was Andrew’s commitment outstanding during my training sessions, but he also took the time to devise a programme to maintain the progress we had made through the creation of a home gym plan.

I’m thrilled to say my hip continues to be at full strength, posing no significant issues, but without Andrew’s dedication, support and consideration of my needs I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.

Amy Peveritt

With 6 weeks until I was due to go to America on a sports scholarship I had not started any regular training. When I arrived in America I needed to pass the mile and a half in 10 and a half minutes. Which at that current moment seemed unachievable, I never thought I would be able to do it.

That negativity all changed when I met with Andrew for our first training session, I handed him the 3 month plan that my coaches in America expected me to complete. He knew we had some big goals on our hands but he convinced me that they would be achievable, but it would not be easy.

Andrew went the extra mile to help me achieve my goals by condensing my 3 month plan into a 6 week plan which included interval training, weight training and a couple of long distance running sessions.

While doing the weight training he taught me all the movements that my American coaches had expected me to learn so that I was prepared when I arrived.

With a week left I finally achieved the goal of the 10.30 mile and a half and I was ecstatic!

Andrew was extremely professional throughout our sessions. He also has tremendous knowledge on various fitness methods.

Due to all his great qualities as a trainer I recommend him to my mother. Despite the fact she had different goals such as weight loss and improved fitness levels, he was able to adapt his training to fit her needs.

Charlie Redhead
Missouri State Bears, Field Hockey

December 2011 was when I first spoke to Andrew. I had a target to achieve and a tight time limit to achieve the best results we could.

Like many I am sure, trying to pursue sports and activities, it gets harder with age. My chosen sport is racing big powerful motorcycles. I have had plenty of success over the years and know what it takes to put together a winning championship season, good equipment, determination, consistency, support - both financially and mentally. And not least, fitness levels good enough to maintain strength and concentration whilst trying your hardest to win.

With the guidance Andrew provided, we embarked on achieving a new level of fitness before the season started, just 3 months away.

Now, being 53 years old, I am more than twice the age of most of my competitors. On top of this, I’ve had various injuries and niggly problems that I had been living with for years, limited hip movement and pain being the main issue.

Andrew’s relaxed and knowledgeable approach soon had me extending my limits and achieving. Andrew is very attentive to the areas that you struggle with and slowly but surely finds ways to overcome these.

With the best part of the season over, it was going so well. I was fitter than I had ever been, I was leading my championship and you can tell Andrew was interested that I was achieving my goals, it was personal to him as well.

This story has one big hiccup! A crash left me with a broken collarbone. Now, I was in trouble, 3 weeks until the penultimate round and a further 3 weeks until the final round. The attention Andrew gave me to understand how we could work around these injuries was excellent. Slowly and carefully we were able to maximise my ability to continue to ride and defend my championship lead.

In what amounted to 7 weeks, I raced to victory, winning my championship with enough strength to ride at my normal pace. I felt that I owed it to Andrew to win it as much for his efforts as for myself.

It goes without saying Andrew played a major part in my success in 2012 and we will continue to work together in 2013.

Peter Baker
2012 Thundersport GP1 Champion

For those with more modest goals and edging their way in the direction of retirement, Andrew is easy to work with but above all it is good fun. He has a clear focus on the goals to be achieved, is completely professional and has an eye for detail.

Thank you for the inspiration and expertise.

Senior Health Care Professional in the NHS

If you are looking for a personal trainer you would be hard pushed to find better than Andrew.

He tailors the training to my specific needs and pushes me to achieve my best.

He is also understanding and flexible when needed, plus has a winning and warm personality.

While my workouts are of course demanding, I do look forward to them and even more than that, I look forward to where I will be in the coming months!

So, thank you Mr Wilson.

Simon Jolley

After years of playing squash & football and thinking I was fit, you can image how I felt when I had a HEART scare at the age of 46.

I was keen to go to the gym after talking to my doctor. I met Andrew and got talking, he listened to my fears, goals etc. We set out a programme, starting off slowly. He was always checking on me, even when he was training himself, encouraging me in his own way, especially when I found it hard.

I’ve just been to Austria on a walking holiday (10 days over 4,000 meters high in places).

The programme I followed was designed for that holiday.

We even talked my wife into running (she hates it) and now has a programme, good on you!!

So does my son, only person left is the dog but he gets longer walks!


As someone who hated PE lessons at school, I've had a complete transformation since being able to work out on my own terms. I've loved going to the gym, running and swimming in my own time and I even decided to set myself a challenge of running the GEAR 10k this year.

I met Andrew Wilson at my gym and explained what I wanted to do. Andrew tailored the programme to my specific needs so that I would not build bulky muscle and so that I would gradually train myself to run faster and for longer

He was encouraging and motivating at every workout and even when running was the last thing I wanted to do, he kept me on the right track. We celebrated when I reached a new goal and managed to run that little bit further or go up a weight which gave me an incentive to work hard and keep pushing myself.

I had always thought of myself as a very fit person but through working with Andrew I understood how to boost my fitness and target certain areas to tone my whole body.

Andrew even helped when I was having problems with my breathing and was suffering from stitches as I ran, he has a vast knowledge of the body and anything he doesn't have the information about he quickly researches and comes back to you with an answer.

Over the time we have been training together, he has kept varying the programmes I followed to keep the workouts interesting and fresh. We've tried a range of different weights, created Ab School which has become the best way to tone stomach and core muscles, and we've built up my running fitness and strength.

I recently ran the 10k and after all my training I was expecting to complete it in around 1 hour and 15 minutes. I actually completed in an hour, Andrew was there on the day running alongside me and cheering me on and he was there at the end to congratulate me.

I've never been so proud to complete a race because I knew how hard I worked to get to that level of fitness, I definitely want to run again next year and go even faster.

All of the credit should go to Andrew for motivating me and cheering me on, he pointed me in the right direction and helped me achieve my training goals.

I've loved training with him and will continue to do so to get ready for bikini body season and after that. He's so much fun and really understands what you want to achieve with your workouts, I can't think of better qualities for a trainer.

Lucy Ruthnum